Lifetime Solid Teak Wood
Grade(A) Handcrafted
Orders above 25 pieces, call for special quote.
16" Teak Mat
20" Teak Mat
24" Teak Mat
28" Teak Mat
32" Teak Mat
36" Teak Mat

About Us

Our Business

Since 2002 VERONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL TRADE INC. have been providing true value,  great quality, at a reasonable price. Our products are made from teak wood that is WWF or FSC certified and sourced. Being one of the largest Teak Retailers in the US, our products are made of teak wood that has been plantation grown and sustainably harvested.

Who We Are

VERONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL TRADE INC. is an international manufacturing and supply source in Africa, Benin (SISTER COMPANY OF A.T.C. WOOD INDUSTRY). We manufacture our teak furniture from an extensive range of selected teak and only teak certified as coming from Government controlled plantation forests is used.

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